floating world  

Reader in residence: S.E. Barnet

SE Barnet

S.E. Barnet will be reader in residence during the exhibition period,
offering readings of related texts on 15, 29 June and 13 July between 12 – 6pm.

SE Barnet will be reading aloud to individual visitors, specifically she will be giving one to one readings to viewers of the floating world. The readings she offers create an engagement that occurs within an economy of time and attention. The resulting connection between reader and listener forms a moment of intimacy amongst strangers within a public environment.

In these scenarios the selection of text is based on an offer to read and relay what has not been made time for. The readings, excerpted from texts of contemporary and historical writers and artists, have been specifically selected to correspond to the floating world. Each chosen excerpt offers a deliberate association to the context of the given conditions and surroundings. What is read affords the listener an opportunity to engage with relevant issues and concerns present through the exhibition.

SE Barnet is an internationally exhibiting artist previously based in Los Angeles, now living in London, having recently completed her PhD. Her work addresses the experience of the individual in our complexly interrelated world where the fluid nature of individual recollection easily overlaps with cultural memory. She engages with this through stories and language, often manifesting in readings and re-tellings. Her interest lies in the connections between experience and remembrance - associations linking self-awareness with that which occurs unconsciously. Her multi-channel video installation, Story of elsewhere, was exhibited at the Stanley Picker Gallery in 2011. Recent reading performances have taken place in London at Banner Repeater and Five Years both in 2012.