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Return Journey, 2023

Single video projection installation with 10 x sheet glass and bricks


Return Journey uses videos shot from a train travelling from London’s Heathrow Airport to the city centre, at two different times, on Kaz’s return from Japan (his country of birth) to London (where he has lived majority of his life). 


In the work, a video is projected through sheets of glass from a single projector, resulting in multiple reflected moving images co-existing in the installed space. The ‘actual’ image is projected onto a wall as the beam goes through each of the 10 sheet glasses, which also reflect the projected light at the same time, creating multiple ‘false’ images in the space, mostly as mirrored image of the ‘actual’ moving image*. 


Through the contemplation of the source of the projected ‘actual’ image and its relationships to the reflected ‘false’ images, the site-specific installation questions where we come from and what is ‘truth’ and ‘reality’.

*Some of the reflected images are faint reflections of reflected images.

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