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How has Climate Change Affected Your Life?







Kaz contributed to a project initiated by Peter Jaeger who asked various people the question: 'How has climate change affected your life?'


The PDF publication was published in March 2024 and was compiledt by Peter Jaeger.

Download How has Climate Change Affected Your Life?  here.

Return Journey

Solo exhibition at tadpole-lab, Tokyo


2023/12/8 (fri) & 17 (sun)


Exhibition open Friday to Sunday


By appointment only.

Return Journey makes use of a video shot on train from London’s Heathrow Airport to the city centre on Kaz’s return to London, where he lives and works, from Japan, his country of birth. This new site specific video installation explores where we come from and questions what is ‘reality’ and ‘truth’.

For the work, Kaz uses a technique he has been working with in recent years where a video is projected through sheets of glass to create multiple moving images in the exhibition space with a single projector.

The ‘actual’ image is projected onto a wall as the beam go through glass, while multiple reflected ‘false’ images from each of the 10 glass sheets co-exist in the space and these, along with the constantly changing scenery seen from a moving train provide a space to contemplate the source of everything, including the self.



Please book your visit by emailing at least 2 hours before your preferred time slot. You will be sent a confirmation email with information on how to get to the space.

Nearest Tokyo Metro stations: Omotesando and Meiji Jingu-mae

Please note that it may not be possible to allocate your preferred timeslot due to restriction on the number of viewers in the space.

PostROOM presents Projection ROOM 3

Screening​ of artists' short films under 10 minutes


2023/1/03 (tue) & 04 (wed)


London N1
United Kingdom

Kaz's video work 25 to 1 and Back will be shown as part of a screening along with the following artists' works:
Greta Alfaro
Victoria Arney
Dunhill O'Brien
Sean Griffiths
Kathleen Herbert
Reynir Hutber
Eilish Kirby
Sandie Macrae
Jayne Parker
John Plowman
Chris Shaw-Hughes
John Stezeker
Tom Wolseley

Review of Demolishing the Former Office Building of Fujio Productions - What Have You Come Here For? in pen magazine

pen screen grab.jpg

Review article of Demolishing the Former Office Building of Fujio Productions - What Have You Come Here For? in the online version of the highly regarded Japanese style magazine, pen.

Demolishing the Former Office Building of Fujio Productions - What Have You Come Here For?
Group Exhibition at the Former Office Building of Fujio Productions in September - November 2022

meditation 15cm.jpg

2022/9/29 (fri) - 11/20 (sun)

Kaz will be exhibiting a site specific installation in an exhibition to celebrate the life and works of a pioneering Japanese manga artist, Fujio Akatsuka, in his former home/studio and office building. Participating artists include: Fujio Akatsuka, Keiichi Tanaami, Tomoo Gokita, Jun Miura, Yusuke Nakano/Paramodel, Rieko Akatsuka

Exhibition Open Thursday to Sunday and on Public Holidays



Former Office building of Fujio Productions

1-3-15 Naka Ochiai

Documentation images of the

Group Exhibition at postROOM, September - October 2022

titian room.jpg



2022/9/28 (thu) - 10/22 (sát)

Kaz will be exhibiting a new single channel video work in a group exhibition, postTRUTH at postROOM, London.

Thursday to Saturday 2-6pm
Opening reception: 2022/09/28, 6-8pm
Artist talk with Caroline Jane Harris and Kaz: 2022/10/22, 3-4.30pm



Divergence from Reality
An article by Masahi Ogura





Divergence form Reality, an article written by Masashi Ogura, a Japanese art critic, related to the recent solo exhibition, crossroad, appears in the Appril 2017 issue of Gekkan Gallery, a Japanese art magazine.

Click here for a pdf copy of the article


Open Letter

Cover images

open-letter-front copy.jpg
open-letter-back copy.jpg





Photographs by Kaz appears on the front and the back cover of the Spring 2012 issue of 'Open Letter - A Canadian Journal of Writing and Theory' (Fourteenth Series, Number 8, ISSN 0048-1939).


time capsules and conditions of now





The publication, with contributions from the participating artists/curators/writers,  was part of the Vision Forum London project, led by Fatos Ustek, which worked with the theme of 'Time Capsules and Conditions of Now' and was published in January 2012.

Vision Forum London consisted of:
Soledad Garcia
Ole Hagen (curator)
Kaz (artist)
Jean Mathee (artist/theoretician)
Vanda Playford (artist)
Lisa Skuret (artist)
Fatos Ustek (curator)

To find out more about the project, visit :

Artisian Magazine


artesian3 copy.jpg




Kaz contributed an article, Joining the Dots, to the third issue of Artesian, a magazine set up by Gareth Evans and Tereza Stehlikova for committed creativity in art and life. The theme for the issue was time.

Click here for the article

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