solo exhibition 

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2020/2/14 (fri) - 2/23 (sun), 2020

Diary is an installation work created using a simple projection mapping technique where moving images are mapped in situ using video editing software, a method which Kaz has been making use of since 2019.
‘Data’ such as barcodes on products purchased by the artist over the 5-week period, between 1 January and 4 February 2020, is used to create animation video which is projected onto 5 white bars suspended in the exhibition space. 
One week’s worth of data is projected on to a single bar, making the work a daily record of an artist’s life as a consumer. Rapidly changing image patterns on a loop, provides an opportunity for the viewers to contemplate our position within a hyper consumerist society which we are inescapably part of. 
By sharing private information with the public through the use of barcodes, used to manage product supplies as well as for marketing, just like publicizing your activities on SNS which has become the norm, the work questions ‘managed privacy’ and our relationship with big data.
tadpole-lab art project space

Between the Lines

solo exhibition 


Stills from animation used in the installation, Between the Lines, 2019

2019/2/15 (fri) - 2/24 (sun), 2019

Between the Lines is an experiential video installation, developed in situ in the space of tadpole-lab for this exhibition. In this work, Kaz continues his exploration of subjectivity and its relation to time, present moment in particular, and space.

The installation makes use of a video animation of white and black shape, alternating and going over each other in continuous cycle, suggesting transitory yet potentially cyclical nature of time as well as the principle of ying and yang.

This animation, which is split into 5 thin strips, is projected onto 5 tubes suspended equidistant to each other near the center of the space, and at times onto the background wall. As the moving image shifts between the flat surface of the wall and the tubes within the space, the work questions the actual physical space and the space, which cannot be seen.

tadpole-lab art project space


Divergence from Reality
an article by Masahi Ogura


Divergence form Reality, an article written by Masashi Ogura, a Japanese art critic, related to the recent solo exhibition, crossroad, appears in the Appril 2017 issue of Gekkan Gallery, a Japanese art magazine.

Click here for a pdf copy of the article


Open Letter

Cover images

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Photographs by Kaz appears on the front and the back cover of the Spring 2012 issue of 'Open Letter - 
A Canadian Journal of Writing and Theory' (Fourteenth Series, Number 8, ISSN 0048-1939).


time capsules and conditions of now



The publication, with contributions from the participating artists/curators/writers,  was part of the Vision Forum London project, led by Fatos Ustek, which worked with the theme of 'Time Capsules and Conditions of Now' and was published in January 2012.

Vision Forum London consisted of:
Soledad Garcia
Ole Hagen (curator)
Kaz (artist)
Jean Mathee (artist/theoretician)
Vanda Playford (artist)
Lisa Skuret (artist)
Fatos Ustek (curator)

To find out more about the project, visit : www.visionforum-londonhouses.blogspot.com

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Artisian Magazine


Kaz contributed an article, Joining the Dots, to the third issue of Artesian, a magazine set up by Gareth Evans and Tereza Stehlikova for committed creativity in art and life. The theme for the issue was time.

Click here for the article