top of page I?, 2001

Television, video camera, 2 x video projector

The work consists of two video projections. One is white noise of a television and the other is of an area within the installation space captured by a video camera. The viewer enters the space directly in front of the white noise projection thereby casting a shadow on to the projected surface. This image is then captured by the camera and in turn projected back on to the wall facing the entry point. The viewer will then see an image of him/herself, along with the shadow and the white noise as a background. The 'gain up' effect of the camera causes the movement of the viewer and his/her projected image to be slightly out of synch. 

As the viewer moves in the space, a second shadow appears at certain places as the path of the live video projection is blocked. In certain places, the viewer's image and shadow(s) disappear entirely from one or both of the projections.

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