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As Many as the Number of Stars, 2015

Single video projection installation with a sheet glass, mirror ball and mirror ball motor


As Many As the Number of Stars is a video installation work where a video of night-time Tokyo (6 minutes loop), shot from a moving bullet train, is projected onto a rotating mirror ball through a sheet of glass.

Sheet of glass allows the light to travel through but also act as a mirror, reflecting the moving image in its entirety onto a wall. The result is a combination of the whole image projected onto a wall and the same image fragmented, reflecting off the mirror ball moving across the walls of the exhibited space creating a three dimensional immersive environment.

Effectively, the whole image and fragmented images from the same source co-exists within the exhibited space, overlapping with each other, presenting a potentially chaotic visual experience. Overall effect is the flurry of different types of lights (including that from buildings and other passing trains, neon signs and streetlights) flowing in and out of the exhibited space at a high speed in a fluid, irregular and constantly changing manner.

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