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Crossing, 2017

Single video projection installation with 5 x sheet glass

crossing is a video installation which uses a single video shot on location at a famous pedestrian crossing in Shibuya, Tokyo. 

The video (0'54" loop) is projected onto, and through glass sheets, creating multiple moving images on one wall as the beam of the projector is reflected off each of the 5 glass sheets. On the opposite wall, a single ‘regular’ moving image can be seen as the same beam travels through glass.

The video used in crossing was shot while walking through the pedestrian crossing. It is what Deleuze and Guattari describe as a smooth space (haptic/close vision/abstract line) in ‘A Thousand Plateaus’, where the viewpoint changes continuously and lacks a sense of direction.

Projected image which goes through the glasses has the characteristics of a striated space (optical/distant vision/concrete line), where there is perspective and is bound by space-time continuum. The reflected multiple images resembling that of a kaleidoscope have the properties of a smooth space. 

By presenting both the striated and the smooth space within the same space, crossing examines the relationship between the two spaces which are seemingly in opposition, and explores the notion that 'the two spaces in fact exist only in mixture’*.

*G. Deleuze & F. Guattari, ‘A Thousand Plateaus’

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