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Diary, 2020

Single video projection installation with 5 x timber (each 3 x 4 x 200cm) painted white


Diary is an installation work created using a simple projection mapping technique, first used in Between the Lines (2019), using video editing software where moving images are mapped in situ as the work is set up. 

‘Data’ such as barcodes on products purchased by the artist over the 5-week period, between 1 January and 4 February 2020, are used to create animation video which is projected onto 5 white bars suspended in the exhibition space. 

One week’s worth of data is projected on to a single bar, making the work a daily record of an artist’s life as a consumer. Rapidly changing image patterns on a loop, provides an opportunity for the viewers to contemplate our position within a hyper consumerist society which we are inescapably part of. 

And by publicizing private information through barcodes, used to manage product supply as well as for marketing, just like sharing activities on SNS which has become the norm, the work questions ‘managed privacy’ and our relationship with big data.

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