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Entropy, 2003

Salt crystals, drawing paper, spot light

Salt crystals are sprinkled sparingly and randomly on a large piece of drawing paper on hardboard with a light source at one end in otherwise a dark space. 


Since the light is at a very shallow angle to the paper, the surface of it is not illuminated much giving it almost a silver grey colour reminiscent of lunar landscape. Within this 'landscape', salt crystals seems to grow by themselves from the light and leave tails created by shadows, giving a sense of each crystals moving towards the source of light. 

When shown in the exhibition, 'Contingent', at City Radio Cars, in March/April 2003, due to the moisture of the space, the paper started buckling almost immediately after it was stuck onto the board thereby forming 'mountain ranges'. Salt crystals also began to absorb moisture and turned into liquid balls as time went by and the work took on life of its own.

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