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Untitled for Now, 2000

Paper, television, 2 x video camera, 3 x video projector

Five paper columns, each 1.5 metres tall stand in a space, to which white noise of a television monitor is projected onto. This space is then captured and projected by two video cameras, one with a 'gain up' effect and the other with a straight forward setting. Result of this is that the space is captured by the two cameras and projected back onto the actual space, creating visual feedback. 

As a viewer enters the space, the image of the viewer's rear is also projected onto the space. Due to the effect on one of the cameras, one or more of the viewer's image will be blurry and slightly out of synch with the actual movement. Here, the viewer's shadow also comes into play, sometimes obscuring the projected image of the viewer. The shadow also reveals underlying shapes and patterns that differ from the images that hide them otherwise.

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